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Our special design and decorating service is available online!

You choose the budget and room size. From there, we'll connect with you by email and phone to find out your design style, budget, room dimensions, and any special details or furniture pieces you want included.

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Thank you for allowing us to help you through this design process. We will review all materials you have submitted and get started creating an amzing new space for you and your family to enjoy! Check your email frequently; if we have any questions for you, we will contact you there. You can expect your package in the mail within 3 weeks unless we contact you to inform you otherwise. A designer is in the ofice Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST.

For more information or to inquire about our Laguna Beach in-store Design Studio, contact us at:

Tuvalu Design Studio @ Laguna Store

phone: 949.715.5604
fax: 949.715.5607
email: Design@TuvaluHome.com

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